Malacca Elab entry into mining business in 2010 was purely accidental. With honest intention to help local miners of Manganese and Galena in West Java area, we set up small trading operation in Bogor and Tasikmalaya respectively to buy, transport and market local miners production to domestic buyers as well as exporters.
Energy and Resources
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In 2011, Malacca Elab in partnership with PT. Kovalen Global enters in a couple of JO agreements with several IUP holders in Kolaka Utara. Late 2011, PT. Kovalen Mining was awarded Production Mining Contract by PT. Tekonindo and PT. Kovalen elected PT. MELís Director to oversee the whole operation. Today, Malacca Elab offers other services in Mining and Resources Industry :
a. Nickel and Coal Trading and Marketing
b. Joint Operation and Mining Contract Management
c. Heavy Equipment Rental
Improvement Phase